Monday, November 21st, 2022
FD AUTOMATIC FIRE ALARM |CROSS BROOK RD - Luckily for all involved - Unopened flue - homeowner self ventilated the smoke.
Friday, September 30th, 2022
WVFD sent Eng 5 with a crew to the scene of a structure in Heritage Village, The crew assist with exposure control in an adjacent unit. The WVFD is always willing to assist a neighboring town when c...
Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
WOODBURY CT – Nearly 50 firefighters from the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Dept and four neighboring Connecticut towns contained a fire that destroyed a home in the early hours of New Year’s Da...
Tuesday, November 26th, 2019
On Thanksgiving eve, the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to a MVA accident when a BMW left Middle Road Tpke, crossed over Route 6, and crashed through the Garden’s assembled Christm...
About us

Our Mission Statement

"The mission of the Woodbury Fire Department is to deliver to the citizens of the Town of Woodbury the highest degree of protection of life, property and the environment that is technologically possible and economically feasible. This service shall be provided in the safest and most efficient manner possible."


Our Department's History

The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department was officially recognized on June 7, 1928.  Prior to this date there were two fire departments, each providing fire protection in their "district." The Orenaug Fire Department covered the Main Street area while the Hotchkissville Fire Department covered the village of Hotchkissville.  In 1927 the idea was brought forward that the two department's merge into one and form the town's fire department.  A committee of three firefighters from each department met and worked out the ground work. In mid 1928 both the departments took a vote and the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department was formed.

Please visit each of the Fire Company's pages to get a in depth look at their individual history in greater depth.


Our Department Today 

The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department still holds true to the tradition of the two fire companies.  Each firefighter belongs to one of the two companies but has overall responsibilities to the department.  A full roster is 70. 

The Department maintains seven pieces of apparatus, one gator, a Haz-Mat trailer and a Command Vehicle.

The Department Officers are the Chief and Deputy Chief who are elected by the firefighters of both companies every two years. 

The Company Officers, which are comprised of a Captain, First Lieutenant and Second Lieutenant, are elected by the members of the each company and serve their respective company's for one year.

All officers and firefighters are required to meet rigid inter-department and state-mandated training and certification requirements. The department is very proud of our training and the high standard we have set for ourselves.   

The Department is funded by the Town of Woodbury's municipal budget, which is line item based.  The Chief with the help of the Officer's prepares and present the budget yearly to the Department, the Board of Fire Commissioner's, the Selectmen and the Board of Finance.


  Our Response Area

Woodbury is a rural community that covers approximately 36 square miles.  Part of the charm of Woodbury, a quaint New England town, is the breathtaking views from atop its many hills which overlook beautiful and lush valleys.  Our response area is border by Bethlehem, Southbury, Watertown, Roxbury,Washington and Middlebury.  All of which are considered our mutual aid towns, whom we call on for any additional resource we may need. 

Water Supply

Being a rural community presents challenges for the Fire Department within their response area.  Approximately ninety percent of the town is on well water. This means there is no municipal water supply system and the department must bring the water with them or develop water sources with in the town. Currently the department has approximately 6200 gallons of water on "wheels".

The Fire Department does have access to approximately 32 fire hydrants but they are only located in the Main Street area, which covers approximately 4 square miles.  We have 9 fire ponds located around town and approximately 150,000 gallons in under ground cisterns.

At present, Woodbury requires developers of all new subdivisions (3 homes or more) to install a minimum of one 20,000 gallon cistern within each development to provide water supply in case of fire.  This helps the department strategically place water in areas of new development and in turn getting water to areas that may not have a water source close in the past.

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