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FD AUTOMATIC FIRE ALARM |CROSS BROOK RD - Luckily for all involved - Unopened flue - homeowner self ventilated the smoke.
Friday, September 30th, 2022
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WOODBURY CT – Nearly 50 firefighters from the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Dept and four neighboring Connecticut towns contained a fire that destroyed a home in the early hours of New Year’s Da...
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On Thanksgiving eve, the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to a MVA accident when a BMW left Middle Road Tpke, crossed over Route 6, and crashed through the Garden’s assembled Christm...
Hotchkissville Fire Co.


The Hotchkissville Fire Station ~ 235 Quassuk Road 

The Hotchkissville Fire company was organized May 20, 1924.  R.L. Smith was their first Chief. E.L. Bryant was the Assistant Chief.  The original "station/meeting'  place was the "Old Mill" owned by Mrs. Friedman of New Jersey.  They had chemical cart, which was the fire truck of that time period,  that was also stored at the mill.  They held dances, socials, strawberry dinners and even a play or two.  They H.F.D. was a very intricate part of the village.

 The Hotchkissville Firehouse was originally a one-room schoolhouse, in a thriving industrial section of Woodbury.  With the mill closing, the shear factory burning down and the school children going to a centralized school,  the school house was closed.  The village of Hotchkissville tried to keep up with the needed repairs but it was a costly venture for the small village.  The building remained empty and used for a small village gathering from time to time.

With the growth of the Hotchkissville Fire Department due to merger with The Orenuag Fire Department , the "Old Mill" was not able to accommodate the growth and a new home was in the minds of the firefighters.  In 1928 the Hotchkissville school house was given to the Hotchkissville Fire Department to be used as their fire station.  An agreement was entered into by the selectman ~ Charles B. Curtis, George B. Cowles and Warren A. Mansfield and the Hotchkissville Fire Department ~ Ernest L. Bryant, Chief and Birdsey Gilbert, Secretary.  The Fire Department was required to maintain the building in good repair and to preserve the building. The firefighters moved in and made the building their first and only "Official" home.

 Now a residential area, Hotchkissville is recognized as an important historical district, with its neighborhood firehouse prominently located.
This firehouse features three apparatus bays, a meeting room and kitchen.

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