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Burning Permit - Reg's

To obtain a permit, after you have read the following conditions, please call the Fire Marshal's Office: 203-263-3120.

Request to burn shall be made Monday - Friday.  Those wishing to burn on Saturday are asked to call M-F and asked to be placed on Saturday's List.  The Fire Marshal's Office does not have regular hours on Saturday's but does issue permits upon request.

The State of CT, Department of Energy & Enviromental Protection, Bureau of Air Management, Engineering & Enforcement has place a new condition on Open in Burning in the State of CT

"When the Air Quality Index (AQI) is forcast to be 75 or higher anywhere in the state" a permit is not valid and burning is not allowed.



 Chapter 5
Sec. 5-3 Open Burning
(a)               Purpose. The Town of Woodbury encourages individuals to dispose of materials
in the most practical and environmentally friendly manner, and in such a way that
protects the health, safety and general welfare of the Town’s inhabitants. This same principle applies to those items that qualify for open burning as regulated by CGS 446c.
(b)               Definitions. For the purpose of this section:
1.      Brush shall mean shrubs, vegetation or prunings the diameter of which is not
greater than three (3) inches in diameter at the widest point.
2.      Commissioner shall mean the Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. 
3.      Open Air Burning shall mean combustion in which the products of combustion
are emitted directly into the ambient air space.
4.      Open Burning Official shall mean the official or officials appointed by the
Town of Woodbury’s chief executive officer as defined by CGS 22a-174(f).
5.      Peace Officer shall mean a member of the Division of State Police, Local
Police Officer and other law enforcement officers as defined in CGS 53a-3(9).
(c)               Open Air Burning Permit Requirement
1.      No person shall cause or permit an open fire without obtaining an open air
burning permit from the Commissioner or Open Burning Official unless
exempt from the provisions of this ordinance as specified in Section (d) of this
2.      The applicant for an open air burning permit shall complete an application on
form(s) provided by the Commissioner or Open Burning Official which shall
include a description of the purpose of the fire, the nature and quantity of
material to be burned, time and date of the fire, together with any other
information required by the Commissioner or Open Burning Official.
(d)               Exemptions.   A permit as described in this ordinance shall not be required for the
following fires:
1.      Open air fires set for the purpose of cooking food for human consumption.
2.      Fires set for the purpose of abating an immediate fire hazard, provided an
Officer of the Fire Department supervises such fire.
3.      Bonfires, campfires or recreational ceremonial fires as long as they follow
any local ordinances pertaining to these types of fires.
(e)               Fires for which permits are required.
1.      Fires set for the purpose of burning brush on property owned by the applicant.
2.      Fires set for the purpose of eradication or control of insect infestation or
disease, agricultural purposes, clearing vegetative debris following a natural
disaster, and vegetation management.
(f)                 Fires for which permits are also required by the Commissioner.
1.      Land fill fire with permit issued to the Open Burning Official
2.      All other fires.
(g)               Restrictions and prohibitions on burning
Burning shall be prohibited when:
1.      National or State ambient air quality standards may be exceeded.
2.      A hazardous health condition might be created.
3.      The forest fire danger in the State is determined by the State Forest Fire Warden as high, very high, or extreme and where woodland or grassland is within 100 ft of the proposed burn.
4.      There is an advisory of any air pollution emergency episode. 
5.      The fire constitutes a salvage operation.
6.      A practical and acceptable alternative method for disposal of the material
to be burned exists.
7.      The material to be burned consists of garbage, paper, glass, metal, plastics,
leaves, rubber, painted surfaces, demolition waste, automobile scrap, pressure
treated wood or other materials determined by the Open Burning Official to be
(h)              Permit regulations and standards.
1.      The permit shall be valid only during the dates and times specified in the
permit to burn.
2.      Only those quantities and materials specified in the permit shall be burned.
3.      Permits shall not be issued more than one (1) week in advance of the
scheduled burn. Applications are available at the Emergency Services
Building located at 25 Quassuk Road, Woodbury. Monday through
Friday from 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon.
4.      The Open Burning Official or Commissioner may revoke an open air
burning permit by oral or written notice to Woodbury’s Fire Dispatch Center
if one of the conditions specified under subsection (g) becomes an issue after
such permit is issued.
5.      A copy of the permit shall be kept in the possession of the applicant at
the burn site during the burn.
6.      Except for fire fighting exercises, burning shall be permitted on sunny or
partly sunny days when wind speed is between five (5) to fifteen (15) miles
per hour and only between the hours of 10:00AM and 5:00 PM.
7.      Prior to burning, the applicant shall call the Open Burning Official on the
day of the intended burn to ask whether the day is approved or if the permit
has been revoked. The number to call will be indicated on the permit upon
(i)                 Enforcement and Penalties. Open burning laws of the state or municipality may be enforced by any peace officer within that peace officer’s jurisdiction.
 1.      Any person who kindles or directs another to kindle a fire in the open air as
regulated herein without a permit or any person who burns materials that are
prohibited from being burned by any provision of the general statutes,
regulation of the state or local ordinance, shall be fined not more than two
hundred dollars ($200.00) or imprisoned for not more than six (6) months or
both pursuant to CGS 23-48.
2.      The Open Burning Official or local Fire Marshal may inspect private
premises and shall make all reasonable efforts to prevent and correct
violations of this ordinance.
3.      The provisions of this ordinance shall be enforced by the Local Peace
Office, Open Burning Official or local Fire Marshal.
4.      After a third (3rd) violation of this ordinance, the applicant shall not be issued
a burning permit for a period of one (1) year from the third violation date.
(j)                 Effective Date. This ordinance shall follow the Town Charter of Woodbury,
Chapter 4, Section 402 (I) (1) (a-c).


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