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Mon. Mar 28th 2016
Easter Ends with a reported structure fire

Just when the department thought they had made it through the holiday without a call................standby "structure f...

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Mon. Mar 28th 2016
Good Friday - Busy day the the WVFD

The WVFD had a very busy day.  It was suppose to be a holiday but it was one of the departments busiest days in a while....

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Mon. Feb 29th 2016
Leap Year Monday

The leap year Monday ended with the WVFD being requested to respond to Southbury, with our Tanker for a structure fire.It was...

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News Headlines
Fri. May 27th 2016
And the big winner.............

What a great event.  Good times, Good Fishing.  And look at the size of this fish.

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Sat. May 7th 2016
Mel Snyder 11th Annual Fishing Derby - Rain or Shine ~ June 21st

The Association of the Woodbury Fire Departments 11th Annual, Mel Snyder Memorial, Fishing Derby is Saturday, June 21st. ...

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Mon. Mar 14th 2016

 Woodbury volunteer firefighters Don Harris, left, and Steve Cunningham prepare a corned beef dinner at the Woodbury Eme...

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Mon. Mar 28th 2016

Just when the department thought they had made it through the holiday without a call................standby "structure fire" across from 113 Minortown Road."  Now if that didn't get the blood going.  Turned out to be a pile of construction debris - luckily.

The ...

Mon. Mar 28th 2016

The WVFD had a very busy day.  It was suppose to be a holiday but it was one of the departments busiest days in a while.  The day started out with a car fire at 7:50 a.m., then a MVA at 11 a.m., then an illegal burn at 12:25 p.m. and a CO call shortly after that.  None were major c...

Mon. Feb 29th 2016

The leap year Monday ended with the WVFD being requested to respond to Southbury, with our Tanker for a structure fire.

It was a quick stop by the Southbury crew and our truck got home just before midnight.

Thanks Southbury for requesting our help - we are here to support our mutual a...

Tue. Feb 9th 2016

Monday proved to be a slick day for driving. Luckily there were no injuries and the driver just needed assistance getting out of the car.

Mon. Oct 19th 2015

During the evening, while Engine 5 was still in New Milford, Engine 8 had just returned from Washington and Middlebury's Engine was still in town for coverage, the department got called to 22 Mountain Lane.

Upon arrival Chief Morgan found cooking was the culprit for the alarm.  The...

Mon. Oct 19th 2015

Crews from 5 towns battle blaze that gutted home


WASHINGTON, Conn. — A fast-moving fire left a house at 64 C...

Mon. Oct 19th 2015


Early Sunday morning the WVFD was called to assist the Middlebury Volunteer Fire Department in fighting an early morning barn fire.

Tue. Aug 4th 2015

So, it's Monday - Yup and it was a busy one.

The day started off quiet and the department hoped it would stay that way.  It was hot and humid.  Who wants to put gear on and fight a fire in this weather?

Well, that wishful thinking ended a little after the noon whistle.&n...

Thu. Jul 30th 2015

One - Flanders Road - Tree on wires.  Car 3, Cpt. Shaker, investigated and found some tree branches touching the wires as the wind blows.  No FD response needed.

Two - Heather Court - Electrical outlet issues - sparking and arching.  Car 6, Lt. Kiessling, investigates and fin...

Thu. Jul 30th 2015

Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department spent the overnight hours in South bury assisting them with a full blown structure fire.  They arrived home about 4:30 and proceeded to put the engine back in order by 5am.  They then had to get home to get ready for a very, long day at their real jobs...

Fri. Jul 24th 2015

Friday morning just before 10 the WVFD was called to the Mitchell Elementary School for a commercial alarm activation.

Upon arrival, Car 1 found that the alarm had been set off by the custodial staff.  They alarm was reset and placed in test mode for 1 hour so the staff could finish pr...

Sun. Mar 1st 2015

The WVFD responded to one final call to usher March in.  They received an fire alarm activation just after 9pm at a residence on Main St.  While in route they received a update that it was set off by steam from a shower.  All units were cancelled and returned.

The remainder o...

Sun. Mar 1st 2015

WVFD responded to a third call for a two car mva on Hollow Road.  Upon the arrival of Car 4, he assumed command and updated all units the FD was not required but would assist the police with traffic.

Sun. Mar 1st 2015

The WVFD was called out to a C/O activation as their second call of the day.

They found readings from 21ppm-34ppm but no initial positive source.  After a in depth investigation, they found the car had been allowed to "warm-up" in the garage and the exhaust was trapped in the...

Sun. Mar 1st 2015

March started off at 5am for WVFD.  They were called to a fluid spill from a car accident at the town line of Woodbury and Watertown.  They were no injuries but the fuel tank was damage and speedi-dri was applied.

Thu. Feb 26th 2015

At 7:58am WVFD was called out to the Library for an alarm activation.  Upon their arrival, there was no smoke or fire found.  The custodial staff was on site cleaning and vacuuming up salt and sand on the entry carpets but, other than that nothing was out of the norm.  The alarm wa...

Wed. Feb 25th 2015

..............Finds no one home.  

WVFD were called to assist Woodbury Ambulance Association with gaining access to a apartment for a "life assist" call.  Responders did not get any answer from the tenant when they repeatedly knock on the door, so they call the FD a...

Wed. Feb 25th 2015
Sun. Feb 22nd 2015

WVFD responded to a knee injury at a local ski area.  Upon the arrival of first responding firefighters, the patient was found to be sitting at a table at the bottom of the slope and the fire department was not needed to assist with movement to the ambulance.  All units were clear and t...

Sat. Feb 21st 2015

WVFD responded to a motor vehicle accident on Saturday just after the roads started getting slippery.  A car went over an embankment of route 6, but the driver was not seriously hurt and the FD assisted him safety up the incline.

Sat. Feb 21st 2015

The WVFD responed to a injury on the ski slopes of the local ski area.  The patient was on the slope and the WVFD assists the WAA with all removals of patients from the hill.

The firefighters assisted with the removal of the patient and cleared the scene.

Fri. Feb 20th 2015

WVFD responded to a known location for a commercial alarm activation and found burnt grilled cheese to be the culprit.  All units were cleared quickly.

Fri. Feb 20th 2015

WVFD responded to a water emergency on White Deer Rocks Road.  A pipe in the basement had burst and was spraying water in the direction of the electrical panel.  

The water line was turned off.  At the FD request a electrician looked at the panel and confirmed the power ...

Fri. Feb 20th 2015

WVFD was requested to standby at Southbury's main station while they worked a working structure fire.  Engine 5 responded with a crew.  While there they were dispatched to a call, which turned out to be burnt food.

They returned around 4pm.

Fri. Feb 20th 2015

WVFD was requested by Woodbury Ambulance to meter a home for CO.  The ambulance had responded to a sick party call and was concerned with the signs and symptoms might be part of a exposure to CO.

The fire department responded and found very low and insignificant readings.  The hom...

Thu. Feb 19th 2015

WVFD responded to a alarm activation to find a burst pipe in the bathroom above the detector.  The water was turned off and the alarm was restored by the alarm company.

Thu. Feb 19th 2015

WVFD responded to an alarm activation at a local apartment complex and found dinner was not longer eatable.  The apartment was vented out by opening windows and the fire department cleared.

Tue. Feb 17th 2015

WVFD were back at to Flanders Nature Center for a alarm activation.  Water from the previous night call had pooled in the detector head and set the alarm off.  The head was removed and the alarm company was notified.

Mon. Feb 16th 2015

WVFD were called out to a alarm activation at Flanders Nature Center.  When firefighters arrived they found a water leak.  The water was turned off and the property was turned back over to the owners.

Mon. Feb 16th 2015

WVFD responded to a request from the town of Roxbury for a tanker and engine for a unknown fire in a home on Baker Road.  Luckily, when Chief Wheeler arrived on scene he found no active fire and was able to release all responding units.

210 entries the in Call History

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