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Mon. Dec 31st 2018
During the year 2018, the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to 355 total calls with an average of 14 firefighters rolling out each time.Rescue & emergency 72Hazardous condition / no fir...
Sun. Dec 30th 2018
During December 2018, the Woodbury VFD responded to 30 incidents with an average response of 11 firefighters per incidentRescue & emergency 7Hazardous condition / no fireFalse alarm / false call ...
Thu. Nov 1st 2018
The department responded to 26 incidents with an average of ten firefighters per callout: One fire, seven rescue and emergency calls, two hazard situations without fire; ten false calls, and six servi...
Mon. May 14th 2018
During April 2018, the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department responded to 34 call-outs, with an average of 10 firefighters to each: The breakdown is Fire-2, both residential chimney fires; Rescue and Eme...
Thu. Apr 26th 2018
Last evening the WFVD responded to a car fire. Upon the arrival of the first firefighter an update was given that the truck was not on fire and that the smoke subsided. Luckily, it appears it was a ...
News Headlines
Sun. Sep 15th 2019
Firefighters, National Guard renew ties with rope drill BY JOHN MCKENNAREPUBLICAN-AMERICANWOODBURY — Local volunteer firefighters and Connecticut Army National Guard medical units renewed their ...
Wed. Sep 11th 2019
The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department will honor the victims of 9/11 on Wednesday September 11th at 08:30am in Hollow Park, Woodbury.Former Fire Chief Bud Neal is scheduled to present flowers to fou...
Tue. Sep 10th 2019
Firefighters tune up before training troops

Guard units will use town park to learn rope and rescue skills
WOODBURY — In preparation for trainin...
Thu. May 2nd 2019
Mothers Day is is almost here.............Don't forget Mom. The Hotchkissville Fire Company of the WVFD will be hosting it's 39th annual pancake breakfast.You can almost smell the fresh, hot, ...
Sat. Feb 23rd 2019
Woodbury – “What’s the fire engine doing in my drive?” asked an astonished military veteran Saturday, Feb 23rd . It was carrying a group of Brownies from Woodbury Troop 64034 ...
Call History
Stone House - yet again
Sat. Sep 18th 2010

514 Main Street North is a very unique building that gets a lot of attention from motorists, the newspaper and lately the WVFD.

"Cadillac Joe's" as the locals refer to the place, is a unoccupied stone house that the owner has been building for over 25 years.  The structure is big, the lawn is dotted with piles of materials that Joe uses to work on the home from time to time but it is very apparent that the structure is unoccupied.

The only heat source in the building is a big old stone fireplace in the center of the building.  Joe stokes it up when he is there and when he leaves it is sometimes still going and smoke can be seen billowing out the chimney.  Passing motorists think the home is on fire and they call it into dispatch.

The WVFD responds to the home as a non-emergency call, no lights or sirens, and investigates the smoke from the chimney and normally finds that Joe has been and gone, but left the fireplace to burn out on its own.  He places big thick metal shields in front so the burning materials don't fallout of the fire box.  Today's call was just that - a smoldering fire in the fire place.  All units were returned and no action was taken.

220 entries in the Call History

220 entries in the Call History

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