Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Learn new skills, make lifelong connections, and play an integral role in keeping Woodbury safe.

You will make a significant difference in everyone’s lives.

The mission of the Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department is to provide the highest degree of protection for life, property and the environment. This service is provided safely and efficiently.

The Woodbury Volunteer Fire Department was officially recognized on June 7, 1928 and now responds to more than 300 emergency calls annually.

The Department maintains seven Fire Trucks, one UTV, and a Command Vehicle in two companies at two fire houses.

The Chief and Deputy Chief are elected every two years by the firefighters of both companies. The Company Officers are a captain, first lieutenant and second lieutenant. Officers are elected by the members of each company and serve for one year.

All officers and firefighters must meet rigid inter-department and state-mandated training and certification requirements. The department is very proud of its training and high standards.

The Department is funded by the Town of Woodbury’s municipal budget on a line-item basis. The chief, with the help of the officers, prepares and presents the budget yearly to the Department, the Board of Fire Commissioners, the Board of Finance and the Selectmen.

Volunteers encounter an enriching experience. They learn new skills, make lifelong connections, and play an integral role in keeping Woodbury safe. As a volunteer, you will make a significant difference in everyone’s lives. Volunteers work alongside a close-knit group of individuals who share passion for service. The Department is a friendly environment and has an open door to anyone who wants more information and may be interested in joining.

Serve Your Community: Give back to your community meaningfully. You will help protect lives and property.

Professional Development: Receive extensive training and education to improve your skills and knowledge as a first responder. Earning state certifications can also benefit you in other areas of your professional career and life.

Teamwork: Volunteer firefighting requires a high level of cooperation and collaboration. You will work closely with other firefighters and first responders and build strong bonds with your team.

Personal Growth: Volunteer firefighting can be physically and mentally challenging. It will help you develop confidence and resilience.

Equipment and Facilities: Volunteer firefighters in Woodbury train with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities.

Social Benefits: Volunteers meet new people and become part of a community of dedicated individuals. Be more than a volunteer; become part of our family.

Woodbury Volunteer Firefighter Requirements

Any resident of Woodbury, 18 years of age or older, without regard to race, color, creed, or sex, able to pass a Department physical exam administered by a physician and without disabilities that would interfere with his/her normal duties as a member and desiring to become a member of this department shall make application through any department member to the Department Secretary. 

Anyone who meets the above qualifications but lives outside the town of Woodbury may apply for membership, provided they work in town at a regular job and provide proof from their employer that they are able to perform firefighting duties while at work in town.

Answer the call to serve with us

Start your journey today and discover the benefits of volunteering with hometown department. As a member, you’ll become part of a long-standing tradition of volunteering, receive extensive training for your role, gain valuable experience, and access a supportive network to help you grow personally and professionally. Being a member also can lead to a career in public safety.

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